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Wills, Estates and Probate

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Estate Planning and Probate


Do you have a will to provide for your family when you are gone? Have you designated who will handle your affairs if you are unable to do so through accident or illness?

Many people do not think about wills and estate planning until it is too late.  To plan for tomorrow, you should act today by contacting wills, estates and probate attorney Crystal Bannin.

The Law Office of Crystal Bannin is a San Antonio estate planning firm with experience in all aspects of arranging for your family’s future and your own. She provides family law and estate planning to clients in Bexar County, Wilson and Comal counties and surrounding communities in the metro area.

Ms. Bannin will help you draft a will so that your property and possessions pass to your heirs as you intended.  In Texas, professional estate planning is crucial to avoid problems in probate court, which can drain resources and prolong settling of the estate. If your will is more than 5 years old, or if it was drafted in another state, it may not withstand Texas probate laws. She can help you update this important document.

Durable Power of Attorney
If you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions on your own behalf, even if temporarily, it’s important that a friend or family member be empowered to act on your behalf to take financial, business and personal actions.

Health Care Directive to Physicians
A “Living Will” is insufficient to cover all contingencies. The Law Office of Crystal Bannin can help you designate a person (such as a spouse, parent or child) who can make medical decisions on your behalf about surgery, life-sustaining measures and other situations. 

Probate Administration
The heirs of an estate are often named as Executor of the will.  Crystal Bannin is experienced in all aspects of settling estates through Texas probate court, and helping the executor carry out the list of obligations.

Whether the person died with or without a will, Ms. Bannin can help liquidate assets, distribute property and possessions.  She also represented clients in will contests, if the deceased’s will is challenged in probate court.

Contact San Antonio estate planning attorney Crystal Bannin today for a free consultation about drafting your will and designating powers of attorney.

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The Law Office of Crystal Bannin provides divorce and family law, wills and estate planning, and probate services to clients in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas in Bexar, Comal and Wilson counties.

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